planting the GOSPEL in the culture of South Minneapolis

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…embrace both the vertical and horizontal implications of the gospel.

…create space for nonbelievers to be understood and ask real questions.

…unleash servant-hearted leaders with a Kingdom vision into every vocation.

…invite weary people to find rest in Jesus.

...contend for both evangelistic zeal and biblical justice.

…marked by the beautiful mixture of humility and boldness.

…bring healing to the racial wounds and brokenness of our city.

…equip everyone to make disciples that make disciples.

…own a “theology of discomfort” by laying down preferences for the good of others. 

…remember the poor with hospitality and generosity.

…stand for truth no matter how culturally inconvenient.

…pursue multi-ethnic fellowship as an expression of unity in the gospel.

…allow imperfection because we’re so enamored with Christ’s perfection.

…teach and model authentic manhood and womanhood.

…cultivate healthy families through the power of the gospel.

…celebrate the good, true, and beautiful in our church and in the culture.

…labor toward revival in which Jesus rises above the threshold of “non-ignorability.”

…tell stories of how the gospel changes everything.

...call people to something bigger than themselves. 

...foster a lifestyle of joyful generosity. 

...be a church that listens to our neighbors and admits when we’re wrong.

...awaken joy in the hearts of those we encounter.


Do you long for the same?