1. Give Financially

Would you consider supporting us financially? Under-capitalized endeavors always struggle. We believe, on the other hand, that God will generously provide for the mission he has called us to. And, maybe YOU are his means! Your investment will help to establish a multiplying church community that preaches the gospel, makes disciples, reconciles people, and releases leaders to serve the city [click here to give].

2. Come Join Us

Would you consider joining us in Minneapolis? We are in the process of gathering a people to form the core of this church plant. Adventure, friendship, sacrifice, and joy await us! Minneapolis is a great city -- one that needs missionaries in the urban core.  We would love to invest in you. We promise to love, equip, and unleash you to use your gifts for the good of the Kingdom of God in Minneapolis. Connect here and we'll start the conversation. 

3. Tell Our Story

Who do you know that might be interested in what we're doing? Whether they live in Minneapolis or on your Facebook feed, tell them of Jesus and his Kingdom work here [social media links at the bottom]. If someone specific comes to mind, send us a message. We would love to connect with them.



"The body of Christ uniting and supporting His mission is essential to spreading the Gospel."